Our Highly Innovative Cultivation Process

SUN ALGAE algae plants are available in easily scalable sizes based on a 600 reactor module. The productivity depends on geographical location...

What Is Algae & Why Do We Use It?

Working with cultured microalgae makes the first distinction

In scientific terms, algae can be described as aquatic photosynthetic organisms, ranging from single cell forms to giant kelps. Micro-algae – which is what SUN ALGAE uses for its production plants – are microscopic, aquatic, photosynthetic plants.

Algae – specifically micro-algae – are capable of a very high rate of reproduction which by far exceeds that of land-based crops. Algae just need a couple of days to reach maturity, whereas crops like corn need a couple of months. At the same time, algae require remarkably little sustenance to grow and reproduce at a rapid rate.

Our Proprietary Reactor Plant Layout

Efficiency in lipid and protein meal production

SUN Algae offers by far the highes productivity of any commercially available technology for natural algae production.

SUN ALGAE produces the basic algae strains in its laboratory in Austria. Those strains are supplied to the algae production plants owned and operated by our clients. The client then uses those algae strains as the seed material for the reproduction process that takes place in the algae plants.

Photosynthetic & Mixotrophic Growth

A 2-step process for quantity growth and CO2 usage

(1) Photosynthesis
SUN ALGAE uses proprietary bioreactors combined with a company- designed sunlight concentration and distribution system. Sunlight is evenly distributed throughout the reactor vessel.
SUN ALGAE reactors contain a proprietary membrane system which enables uniform CO2 distribution to maximize microalgae growth. Our proprietary sunlight concentration technology optimizes Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR) inside of the bioreactor providing “perfect sunlight” for microalgae growth.

(2) Mixotrophic Growth
Mixotrophic production step using proprietary bioreactors boosts microalgae quantity-growth while conserving lipid content and even enabling EPA/ DHA production.

Harvesting & Lipid Extraction

Cracking the algae cell wall & extracting >98% of lipids

SUN ALGAE process control system allows continuous operation at optimal conditions throughout the whole process.

The natural algae strains used by SUN ALGAE plants contain lipids, more commonly known as algae oil. This oil contains fatty acids that can be converted into biofuels, biochemicals and even nutritionals (Omega-3, for example). The algae biomass that remains after lipid extraction – essentially a green powder – is rich in proteins and can be used as feed for cattle or fish.





Harvesting High Value Products

SUN ALGAE algae plants are available in easily scalable sizes based on a 600 reactor module. The productivity depends on geographical location...

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