SUN ALGAE Offers An End-To-End Solution For Customers

SUN ALGAE algae plants are available in easily scalable sizes based on a 600 reactor module. The productivity depends on geographical location...

Highly Differentiated Technology

We sell fully integrated commercial scale microalgae production plants

  • Turn-key installations which use pre-selected, optimized natural microalgae strains
  • Plants are bolt-on and highly automated modular production platforms and easily scalable

Global Operations Ensure Excellent Client Service

SUN ALGAE operates sales offices in most relevant markets.


21/F, CCB Tower
3 Connaught Road
Central, HK

Rep-Office Africa


Ricoweg 30 A
A-2351 Wr. Neudorf

Rep-Office Brazil

Rep-Office Italy

Who Uses SUN ALGAE Plants?

SUN ALGAE designs and builds industrial scale algae production plants for clients as diverse as biodiesel producers, sugarcane growers, bioethanol producers, meat producers and in more general terms for any industrial company that wants to use its existing CO2 emissions to produce marketable and profitable products.

Our Market Position

SUN ALGAE is a leading supplier of industrial-scale, fully integrated algae production plants and also an industrial – scale supplier of algae strains usable in our algae plants. SUN ALGAE is marketing it’s technology globally.

SAT can deploy fully integrated, commercial-scale microalgae production plants able to use a wide range of microalgae strains

Proprietary technology allows microalgae to grow in optimized state, resulting in the highest production yields and superior economics relative to competing microalgae processes

SAT is able to offtake at market prices products from it’s clients algae plants

Ongoing commercialization and plant construction in Southern Europe, South Africa and China. Algae yields and production process already proven at pilotplant using full-size systems

Serving a variety of large and growing markets, including biofuels, animal-feed and high-value nutraceuticals markets (Omega-3)

Active customer pipeline in multiple geographies and across multiple industries

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