SUN ALGAE Technology
designs, engineers & builds
algae production plants for high-value algae products

We developed proprietary processes which ensure an outstanding level of productivity

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Discover The Advantages Of Algae

High rate of reproduction
Remarkably little sustenance needed
Continuous growth process
Easily convert CO2 to money

Our Highly Innovative Cultivation Process

Our growth process combines photosynthetic growth with a fermentation-stage, thereby boosting productivity and conserving all valuable ingredients of the algae (EPA & DHA)

CO2 Seperation

SAT reactors contain a proprietary membrane system which enables uniform CO2 distribution to maximize microalgae growth.

Sunlight System

SAT uses proprietary bioreactors combined with a company- designed sunlight concentration and distribution system. Sunlight is evenly distributed throughout the reactor vessel

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Harvesting High Value Products

Our process is algae-agnostic and can use all known algae - species. Thereby we can produce the full range of algae-based products.





We Offer An End-To-End Solution For Customers

We deliver, on a turnkey basis, all components of an algae production system, ranging from the CO2 separation unit to the algae harvesting and the lipid extraction systems.

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